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Heating Block (Parralle)
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Heating Block (RBF)
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Molecular Model
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Categories: For Cylindrical Vial  For Schlenk Tube  For Pressure Tube  For NMR Tube  Mixed Dia. Combo  Pie Combo/Platter  

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AHB-C4160A3 (Heating Block/Pie Wedges/3 Holes/Depth 39mm/Dia 28mm)
Heating Block,Pie Wedges,3 Holes,Depth 39mm,Dia 28mmmm

List Price$75.53   Price:$60.43   Save:$15.10

AHB-UC4160A3 (Heating Block/Pie Wedges/3 Holes/Round-bottom/Depth 39mm/Dia 28mm)
Heating Block,Pie Wedges,3 Holes,Round-bottom,Depth 39mm,Dia 28mm

List Price$85.34   Price:$68.27   Save:$17.07

AHB-C4160B3 (Heating Block/Pie Wedges/3 Holes/Depth 35mm/Dia 28mm)
Heating Block,Pie Wedges,3 Holes,Depth 35mm,Dia 28mm

List Price$74.72   Price:$59.77   Save:$14.95

AHB-UC4160B3 (Heating Block/Pie Wedges/3 Holes/Round-bottom/Depth 35mm/Dia 28mm)
Heating Block,Pie Wedges,3 Holes,Round-bottom,Depth 35mm,Dia 28mm

List Price$84.53   Price:$67.62   Save:$16.91

AHB-C4160C6 (Heating Block/Pie Wedges/6 Holes/Depth 31mm/Dia 17mm)
Heating Block,Pie Wedges,6 Holes,Depth 31mm,Dia 17mm

List Price$74.72   Price:$59.77   Save:$14.95

AHB-UC4160C6 (Heating Block/Pie Wedges/6 Holes/Round-bottom/Depth 31mm/Dia 17mm)
Heating Block,Pie Wedges,6 Holes,Round-bottom,Depth 31mm,Dia 17mm

List Price$94.17   Price:$75.34   Save:$18.83

AHB-C4160D9 (Heating Block/Pie Wedges/9 Holes/Depth 18mm/Dia 12mm
Heating Block,Pie Wedges,9 Holes,Depth 18mm,Dia 12mm

List Price$74.72   Price:$59.77   Save:$14.95

AHB-UC4160D9 (Heating Block/Pie Wedges/9 Holes/Round-bottom/Depth 18mm/Dia 12mm)
Heating Block,Pie Wedges,9 Holes,Round-bottom,Depth 18mm,Dia 12mm

List Price$103.82   Price:$83.05   Save:$20.77

AHB-C4160T (Heating Block/Pie Holder/Dia 160mm)
Heating Block,Pie Holder,Dia 160mm

List Price$149.43   Price:$119.55   Save:$29.88

AHB-C4160 (Heating Block/Pie Set/4 Pie Wedges & Holder/Dia 160mm)
Heating Block,Pie Set,4 Pie Wedges & Holder,Dia 160mm

List Price$453.20   Price:$362.56   Save:$90.64

AHB-UC4160 (Heating Block/Pie Set/4 Pie Wedges & Holder/Round-bottom/Dia 160mm)
Heating Block,Pie Set,4 Pie Wedges & Holder,Round-bottom,Dia 160mm

List Price$521.21   Price:$416.97   Save:$104.24

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